Welcome to the lonestar airsoft field


Lonestar Airsoft is the only outdoor airsoft-only field in the Houston area.  We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and fresh experience every time players visit.  We have a unique motif and layout of the field, that will change on a regular basis with time.  Our staff is experienced in Airsoft, and they will ensure that no two games play the same.  The idea of our game play is being fun with challenging scenarios! On site we have a pro shop where you can purchase BBs, batteries, green gas, goggles, and other protective gear. We also have airsoft guns and airsoft grenades of all types available on site to take your game to the next level!

If you are new to airsoft, come out on an open play day and we happily will guide you through your first mission!

We offer
parties and rentals

"We welcome all birthday parties, corporate events, and church groups. Rental packages are available for those without equipment."

Our Pricing


Friday Admission - $19.99

Weekend Admission (Saturday & Sunday) - $23.99

Weekend Pass (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - $49.99

Airsoft Party (Up to 10 Players, 3 hours, Includes BBS and gear, Common) - $289.99, $28.99 for each additional player over 10

Airsoft Party (Up to 10 Players, 3 hours, lncludes BBS and gear, Private) — $389.99, $38.99 for each additional player over 10

Grenade Add on (10 R2Bs BB Grenades) - $125.00

BB Add On (10,000 0.20g BBs) - $35.00

Smoke Add On (10 WP40 Smoke Grenades) $65.00

Our Mission

"We want every player to have a safe and fun experience.  While being challenged and learning good sportsmanship."